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Everyone is born into a state of sin, yet remains innocent before God until the age of accountability.† Still, the† God-given role parents, grandparents, teachers, and other educators have to play in the Godly upbringing of children, remains essential in the formation of human character, which severely affects human choice,† (Deut. 4:9; 11:19; Eph. 6:4!)†

Someone explained fittingly, ď[Apart from teaching our children the truth of Godís Word and His Moral commandments,] personal failure to use capabilities such as speech, etc., increases the scope for actual sin.† [This also constitutes the sin of neglecting parents, who fail to teach and discipline their children lovingly, and develop their capabilities such as conscience, speech, Godly behaviour, and intellect.]† Kids are responsible for whatever righteous responses are possible for a child to make at any given age. [We must remember that neglect has an incredible influence on children, which, in the long run, affects every aspect of their lives.† But the crime of neglect is no excuse for a child or an adult to sin and continue in sin, as everyone from an age of accountability can begin to discern between right and wrong.]† At any given age the child is responsible for his abilities at that age.† As his abilities broaden, the growing child becomes increasingly fully responsible before God.]Ē†

That being said, we should also realize that circumstance, parental guidance or the lack thereof, and background play an important role in peopleís sensitiveness to danger and their view of sin, although this does not delete the power of the Holy Spirit and Godís inward Moral Law.†

We should also take into account that learned perceptions such as acceptance of sin as well as shaming can also imprison victims of abuse in silence, when they should speak out, flee from, and stand up to abuse.† [See the example of a shaming granny under the heading, ďLegitimate Blame Versus Unmerited Hatred for Passive Protectors.Ē]† †††

Therefore, it is common that many victims of sexual molestation, (those who, because of their oppressive circumstances could not withstand abuse; those who could flee but didnít; as well as those who did stand their ground and dealt with the abuse before it took hold on their lives,) smother the abuse rather than seeking the protection and intervention of parents and other protectors they can trust.†

Shaming, as Denial is also the motivation behind most unreported yet inescapable crimes such as rape and incest.†

As a result, children should be taught from an early age to be vigilant against the dangers of abuse and stand their ground against all forms of abuse without over-reacting to harmless situations, or being dishonest and manipulative.†

Children from an accountable age have a remarkable capacity to discern between right and wrong because God created humanity this way.† However, children, just as adults, can be incredibly spiteful, deceitful, unrepentant liars.†

It is a sad fact that many men and women have been falsely accused of sexual molestation and even rape, while such crimes never really occurred.†


Read the Book, ĎDealing with Abuse and Abusers Godís Wayí†

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