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· The ‘saving’ sacrament of ‘holy’ matrimony 


¨ What does God say about the witchcraft of parents, who approve of the children ‘living together?

¨ ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING: The Legal, Two-Phase Wedding of the Old Hebrews   



The ‘saving’ sacrament of ‘Holy Matrimony 

The ‘saving’ sacrament of ‘holy matrimony’ is another ‘rite of passage’ that also consecrates Catholics for “the particular mission in building up the Roman Catholic Church, which provides grace for accomplishing that mission. This sacrament, seen as a sign of the love uniting Christ and the Church, establishes between the spouses a permanent and exclusive bond, sealed by God. Accordingly, a marriage between [Roman Catholic] baptized people, validly entered into and consummated, [in the church,] cannot be dissolved.  [JESUS HIMSELF STATED THAT FORNICATION AND ADULTERY CAN AND MOST PROBABLY WILL ANNUL THE BIBLICAL MARRIAGE COVENANT, MT. 19:9.]  The sacrament confers on them the grace they need for attaining holiness [IN THEIR STEP-By-STEP ‘SANCTIFICATION’] in their married life and for responsible acceptance and upbringing of their children…”  God alone can make sincere believers holy through the Biblical rebirth of FAITH in Jesus Christ, not this so-called ‘sanctifying’ sacrament!  In addition, God Alone, not a church sacrament, can join a husband wife by His Biblical marriage covenant, (Mt. 19:4-6.) As all the other church sacraments, ‘holy matrimony’ also centers on the unbiblical dogmas of the papacy, and not on the Lord Jesus Christ, His Biblical bride, or on the truth of God’s Word.  God’s Biblical marriage covenant has nothing to do with Catholicism’s so-called ‘sanctifying, saving, sacramental’ rite of passage! 



We have to realize that nobody is supposed to get physically intimate with their friends; either ‘boyfriends’ or ‘girlfriends’ - YUCK!  God’s Word calls all such immoral behavior, ‘sin against the body, which is supposed to be a temple of the Holy Spirit,’ and FORNICATION, or filthy, sinful sex.  In marriage, a husband and his wife are supposed to be best friends, but they are bound together LEGALLY AND sacredly through their love for, and commitment to each other in God’s marriage covenant, which makes them ‘ONE’ in Christ. God never gave us permission to simply shack up together and think we are ‘married in God’s eyes’ – if ever some even think about ‘living together’ like this.  Most people ‘move in together’ to avoid commitment and responsibility, and for financial reasons, while many others, like the elderly in particular, will not give up the pensions, medical aids, etc., which they get from former marriages.  Women, (mainly,) do not realize the legal implications that ‘living together’ poses for them, (and especially for the children born from such a union,) until ‘that boyfriend’ zips his clothes and bags, and clears the country.  Then, she is left to care for the kids alone, and while bearing all the emotional baggage, she also has to deal with the financial mess of it all.  It is at this stage, where SOME women realize that the marriage covenant is much more than ‘a piece of paper.’  A legal marriage certificate gives the wife and children of that marriage some financial and other protection, and above all, human dignity in this world where they will have to live until Jesus takes them home. 

On the other hand, couples, who also go beyond the physical law of the land, and ‘get married in God’s eyes’ without any legality to that marriage, are deceiving themselves to believe they have God’s blessing on such a union.  God will NOT twist or nullify His Word to please anyone.  When we accept Jesus, we do not ‘transcend’ the physical laws of our physical country, because we are not living in heaven yet.  Therefore, God will not accept such blatant rejection of the human authority of political government, of which He commanded, “Let every soul be subject to the [political] governing authorities, [as far as they operate within the confines of God’s Moral law...  I mean, if they will make us bow to them in idolatry, it is another matter, for we have to worship God above all else.]  For he [should be] God’s minister to you for good.  But if you do evil, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain... to avenge and execute wrath on him who practices evil.”  For instance, Jesus Himself commanded us to ‘give unto Caesar (the government) what is due to him, and give [MORALLY] to God what is due to God.  God did NOT say Scripturally born again disciples may refuse to pay taxes, make their own marriage laws, etc.  Physically, we are ALL living together here on earth, and if political government does not do what God commands them to do, (as we are experiencing all over the world,) CHAOS ensues.  For instance, a murderer or murderess, who regrets, confesses, and repents from murder, will go to heaven – but he or she will still have to go to jail for that physical crime against humanity.  In fact, God commanded, that murderer or murderess, although forgiven by God and even by victims, still have to fall under the ‘sword’ of human government, and give his or her life on the gallows, in the gas chamber, etc.



A “great” Christian people, living next door to a ‘worldly’ couple we know, had her darling daughter and her ‘boy friend’ live together for more than three years in the garden flat on their property. Once I asked the woman how she justifies that in what God says about fornication. She first said she will not ‘anger’ her children by preaching to them; she ‘wins’ them with ‘love.’ I told her that God called us to be His preserving, purifying salt and light, and if we will not be that in our own homes; among our own families, how can we be that to the world? We should never ‘love’ our children, spouses, or anyone else more than we love God. In God’s Word, REAL GODLY LOVE IS TRUTH, MORAL OBEDIENCE TO GOD, and care for all other people. We should speak against the sin of our loved ones especially, because hell is an eternity. Better that her daughter is angry now, than being angry in hell – dragging her parents with her because of their disobedience to God. Then, she actually ‘swore’ that she took her daughter to the doctor, and the doctor ‘verified’ that the daughter is “still a virgin after all this time!” To her great disgust, I laughed out loud and told her I am not a child to believe this lie to supposedly ‘protect’ her daughter’s ‘integrity.’ Later, her neighbor asked why they, seeing that they are these ‘great’ Christians, allow their daughter to ‘live in sin’ for so long without confronting her. I answered; ask them, I cannot explain in their place why they are dishonoring God’s holy Name and Word in this way. 

We can be sure God will judge us together with those whom we protect in sin of ALL kinds, for it is written in Rom. 1:22-32, “[Because they did not like to retain God in their knowledge [of Him,] God [let them go to fill their cup of sin before He judges them...] exchanging the truth of God for a lie, and worshiping and serving the creature [people,] rather than the Creator... For this reason God gave them up to vile passions [and this goes way beyond homosexuality and other types of fornication,] who, knowing the righteous judgement of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also APPROVE OF THOSE WHO PRACTICE them.”  In the Old Testament, which was also governed by God’s Moral Law of Love APART from all the ceremonial or ritual temple laws, and which was, as Paul explained, ‘EXAMPLES’ of how God deals with His people, (NOW, His blood-bought, New Testament/Covenant believers in Christ is His spiritual nation, 1 Cor. 10:5-12,) God gave us the example of how Eli the priest ‘loved’ his sons more than God; actively committing idolatry. These sons were “corrupt... and Eli was old; and he heard everything his sons did... and how they lay with the women who assembled at the door of the tabernacle of meeting, [temple-whores, in other words, turning themselves into male temple-whores.] So Eli asked, “Why do you do such things? For I hear of your evil dealings from all the people. No, my sons! For it is not a good report that I hear. You make the Lord’s people transgress. If one man sins against another, God will judge him. But will a man sins against the Lord, who will intercede for him? Nevertheless, they did not heed the voice of their father, (1 Sam. 22-25.)” ONE WOULD THINK ELI HAD DONE ALL THAT HE SHOULD AND THAT GOD WOULD BE SATISFIED WITH THIS REBUKE. NOT SO. God sent a prophet to speak to Eli, saying, “...Why do you kick at My sacrifice and My offering which I have commanded you... AND HONOR YOUR SINS MORE THAN ME, TO MAKE YOURSELVES FAT WITH THE BEST OF ALL THE OFFERINGS OF ISRAEL MY PEOPLE? [Sounds a lot like today’s luke-warm, lying preachers... verse 29; 3:12-19.] I will perform against Eli all that I have spoken... For I have TOLD HIM THAT I WILL JUDGE HIS HOUSE FOREVER FOR THE INIQUITY WHICH HE KNOWS, BECAUSE HIS SONS MADE THEMSELVES VILE, AND HE DID NOT [ADEQUATELY DID EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO] RESTRAIN THEM...”


Engagement and Wedding: The Legal, Two-Phase Wedding Ceremony of the Old Hebrews

More than anything else, the entire argument of 'getting married in God's eyes,' by simply living together or by 'marrying' without any legality according to the laws of the land, the Biblical example of Jesus and His believing bride, and the historical account of the miraculous conception and birth of Jesus, NULLIFIES such sinful notions to abuse, twist, and reject God's LEGAL, holy marriage covenant between one husband and one bride.

None but the direct, Biblical blessing of God Himself suits the Biblical marriage covenant, first consummated in the Garden in Eden between Adam and Eve. In the days that followed the fall, however, many man-made traditions, some extremely satanic, typified marriage ceremonies, turning the marriage covenant of God into pure witchcraft. From all of these wedding ceremonies, the Old Hebrew wedding ceremony symbolizes the spiritual marriage covenant between Christ and His bride of sincere believers the best. The Hebrew wedding ceremony, as also described in the Bible, consists of two parts – the LEGAL “betrothal” or engagement celebration, (Erusin,) and the LEGAL marriage feast, (Nissuin.)

Sword of the Spirit explained, “A covenant would be drawn up and signed sealing the betrothal. As we see in the example of Joseph and Mary, a couple was considered to be married from the time of the signing of the betrothal covenant. Once a betrothed couple’s signatures were on the parchment it became a legally binding contract that could only be broken for reasons of infidelity, and adultery... The reason for that was to avoid what is called "defrauding" or backing out of the betrothal. It was a way of holding the groom to his word and to the covenant, and providing the bride with a sense of security. After signing the covenant the bride and bridegroom would drink from a shared cup of wine over which a betrothal blessing had been pronounced.” 

Usually, these two feasts were celebrated within one year of each other. Although the first part of the marriage ceremony, the “betrothal” or engagement, did not normally include physical consummation, the bride and groom were nonetheless LEGALLY married. To ‘break’ or annul an engagement, thus necessitated a legal divorce, (as in the case of Joseph when Mary was found pregnant with Jesus – Mt. 1:18-25; Lev. 24:1-4; Isa. 50:1.) "Then Joseph HER HUSBAND, [although ‘merely’ being engaged to Mary,] being a just man and not wanting to make her a public example [of immorality, being pregnant before they came together physically,] was minded to put her away [or DIVORCE her] secretly.”  Footnote, Spirit Filled Bible, "Betrothal [or engagement] was as binding as the second part of marriage and could be broken only by divorce, [which required a legal letter of divorce.]”  Even a modern day engagement, under Roman law, (which is being phased out by sinful 'human-rights' governments worldwide,) is viewed as a binding, mutual pact, contract, or wedding agreement between one female and one male. If either the fiancé or his fiancée breaks off the engagement, (or annuls the first stage of this legal two-phase marriage contract,) the guilty party can (or could) be hurled to court for ‘breach of contract.’ Some so-called ‘liberated’ countries (liberated from God's Word and Law, that is,) abolished this act in 1970.

In Jewish custom, the ‘betrothed’ bride and groom were legally married, yet the bride remained in her father’s house while she readied herself, waiting on her groom to come and fetch her “to the home he had prepared for her.” [THIS IS THE SYMBOL OF THE BELIEVING BODY OF CHRIST AT THIS STAGE IN HISTORY, WAITING AND 'READYING HERSELF' FOR THE RETURN OF JESUS THE BRIDEGROOM.] As described in all the Biblical allegories of this expected wedding feast, the groom’s arrival was announced by the loud sound of a trumpet, and after the formal wedding ceremony, [NOT a ‘saving sacrament,’ or a rite of passage as in Roman Catholicism!] the happy couple and their guests would then celebrate the Marriage Feast, (Jn. 14:1-3; Mt. 24:36; Mark 13:32-37; Mt. 25:1-13; Cor. 15:50-53; 1 Ths. 4:13-18.) John wrote in Rev. 19:6-10, “I heard the voice of a great multitude… saying, ‘Alleluia!... for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready.’ And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts, [the Biblical Moral-Law obedience and Holy-Spirit led works] of the saints. Then the angel said, ‘Write: Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb...’”


Most victims of witchcraft, who escaped the devil’s clutches through faith in Christ, are periodically, (in God’s timing and under His control,) pressured, oppressed, and harassed by demons to remain stuck in, or to return to false religion, ritual sacrifice, and the deceptive control of religious priesthoods, households, families, and hierarchical church clergy.  Yet, Jesus Himself assured all those who seek freedom in Him that they will find it, for He has come to “give life, and to give it more abundantly.”  The Lord Jesus Christ is the only true answer to the ills of this world. The Way to real freedom might not ‘feel’ instantaneous, but according to Scripture and in my personal experience, it is the only way to complete and lasting spiritual and emotional deliverance.  Jesus said that if we remain in His WORD, we are really His disciples.  And when we are His sincere disciples, “we shall know the truth and the truth will set us free.” This means, we have to stay at Jesus’ feet constantly, seek His face continually and grow in Scriptural knowledge and obedience until He takes us home.  This is the only way to lasting freedom. 

Nevertheless, many false and uninformed teachers turn deliverance methods and doctrines from the occult into a dangerous and complicated set of confessions, rituals, and unbiblical procedures, while one should simply understand that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is not just the Savior or the “whole world,” but also the Redeemer of all those who personally and sincerely belong to Him.  Jesus is almighty, ever-present, and all-knowing.  To Him, spiritual, emotional and physical deliverance is not a massive achievement; it is simply a matter of sending one of his mighty angels to accomplish His will.  It is therefore no more miraculous to be delivered in Jesus’ Name from the deep chasms of unabashed Satanism, than from church idolatry and other forms of pagan religion.  Where our All-powerful Jesus God is concerned, bondage remains bondage by any other name.  Thus, it does not call for ‘more’ of the Holy Spirit’s power or ‘more’ of Jesus’ wounds and blood to deliver from real occult demonic possession, than from any other type of bondage — church deception and false pastoral control included.  All deliverance is a purely supernatural, miraculous work of God Himself.  We may boldly pray and intercede for others in prayer, but just as no human being can save anyone’s soul, no human being can deliver us from demonic deception and other types of bondage.  God Himself is the One and Only Master of Satan and all his demons.  Therefore, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord.  There is NO other name under the sun by which we can be saved, delivered, healed, comforted, or protected. 

1. Victims of idolatry and witchcraft should therefore simply repent, (renounce and turn away completely and for always) from all forms of idolatry and witchcraft, and turn wholeheartedly to the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible.  Victims merely have to make a personal decision and a sincere confession to accept the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts or spirits, souls or minds, bodies, and lives for ever, (Rom. 10:9-10; Jn. 1:12-13; Gal. 4:6.) 

2. Then, they simply have to sincerely ask (in prayer) God’s forgiveness for every single involvement in the occult and in false church religion, and for every other type of personal and collective (family/ancestor ) sin, [SCROLL DOWN ON THE WEBPAGE,] confessing and renouncing (or rejecting) every sin, sinful practice and involvement.  (Ex. 20:1-6; 1 Jn. 1:9; Eph. 1:7; Prov. 28:13; Jam. 1:16!)  Then, it is done!  May God give us the grace to flee from teachers who tell us we cannot sin both personally and collectively and stand accountable before the judgment throne of God for all sin that tainted our lives — even by our “approval and/or participation in the sin of others,” (Rom. 1:32; Ex. 20:1-6!)  

3. All those who honestly confessed their sin to God, and where applicable, to others against whom they have seriously sinned, (Jam. 1:16,) may now ask God the Father to cleanse, deliver, heal, restore, and protect them spirit, soul and body; (their loved ones and their entire lives too,) under the blood-covenant of Jesus Christ, the ministry of His Holy Spirit, and His mighty, holy angels.  Once we have sincerely and regretfully confessed our sins to God and to others whom we personally harmed, we are completely forgiven and “cleansed from all unrighteousness;” every bond is broken and Satan has no hold on us!  (1 Jn. 1:9.) 

4. Ask God to reveal His Scriptural truth to all those who have sinned against you; to convict them of their sin, and to save their souls.  Tell the Father that you make a choice not to hate them or take revenge on them, but to forgive them and, by obeying His commandment to confront and restore serious sin as far as our abusers would allow us, set them free into His almighty, all-wise ‘custody,’ because He always knows best, and specializes in doing what is right and just. 

5. It is now also important to tell our Father that we dedicate and submit ourselves spirit, soul (mind) and body; our entire lives and all our talents; our loved ones and all the possessions which God had entrusted to us, to Him Alone —surrendering everything we are and have into His very capable hands, and to His sovereign will. 

6. Then simply, in Jesus’ Name and in the authority of the indwelling Holy Spirit, speak out.  Declare out loud that you, by grace and not by your own works, belong to the Lord Jesus Christ; that you and everything that pertains to your life stand, live and are protected under His New Testament Covenant, which was written for you in His own blood.  Thank God the Father for His Holy Spirit Who constantly lives in you, and for His mighty angels who encamp all around you to protect and deliver you where necessary.  Thank God for giving you spiritual authority in Christ over Satan and his demons, and over every evil plan and weapon formed against you.  [You are now His spiritual king/queen and priest and have the complete power of His indwelling Holy Spirit — to use in the leading of the Spirit and according to God’s Scriptural commandments,] (1 Pet. 2:9; Mark 16:15-18.) 

7. Then, in Jesus’ Name and in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, speak out against all evil that has controlled you, scared, robbed, influenced, oppressed, abused, hurt, and attacked you.  Break every bond, attack, deception, and curse against you and against everyone and everything that pertain to your life, (the curses which you know about and also all unknown curses.)  Declare boldly that, as a true child of Jesus Christ, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO CURSE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE COMPLETELY BLESSED IN HIM — believe and confess this always from now on.  Speak out loud and say that you bind and drive out every evil, deceptive, and dirty spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ; that you break all their power and strongholds, and that you forbid them to return — ever! 

8. Ask God to send His mighty angels to arrest and remove every evil human spirit that might afflict you. 

From this day forward

A) Praise the Father in heaven continually that all this WAS DONE for all eternity by faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, because those, whom Jesus has set free, are free indeed!  Keep yourself safe and holy by serving the Lord Jesus with all your heart, soul (mind,) and strength.  Study His Word diligently.  Seek the truth in all things, and be a DOER of God’s Moral Law of Love.  Remember, we may seek help when we feel weak, there is no shame in “fighting the good fight of faith” together.  In fact, love between true believers pleases God greatly.  However, it remains your personal responsibility to study and obey the contextual truth of God’s Word constantly, and to live a holy, Spirit filled life in a continual, prayerful relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. 

B)  Do not be surprised or afraid if the enemy tries to harass you and say that you are not completely free in Christ.  He is a totally defeated foe.  Jesus has you covered.  All Satan has to scare you and to bring you back under his control, are LIES and deception.  WITHSTAND and if necessary, rebuke him steadfastly in faith and focus on the truth of Jesus above all else.  Remember that you wholly belong to Jesus, but the battle for control of your THOUGHTS will continue in many ways.  Jesus Alone has the right to control your thoughts and actions, and He gave you the power to “take captive every thought and to bring it into obedience to Christ.”  God has promised that the enemy will have to flee, firstly, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and before His truth, and secondly, though your total rejection of the enemy; his deceiving disciples, and all his lying schemes, (1 Jn. 5:18-21.) 

C)  All God’s children have to repent and flee or abstain from personal and collective bondage.  Do not play with the devil in any way!  God warned in 1 Cor. 15:33 that “bad company corrupt good morals.”  This includes sexual sin, the abuse of addictive substances, moral sin such as unforgiveness and lies; bad habits that oppress others and entice them to sin; false church doctrines and practices; all forms of occultism: (i.e., ancestor worship; communication with all kinds of witches and spirits, and the use and possession of ‘muti,’ charms, and other ‘accursed objects.’  Avoid all bad and false people, no mater who they are, as you would avoid sin and the devil itself.  Get rid of all occult objects — i.e., African and other ritual masks and all other objects used in rituals; ornaments that are dedicated to strange gods, or connected to the occult in some way.  Cleanse your heart, soul, (mind) home and life continually from everything that can connect you to the enemy and allow him to have a hold on you or on some area of your life. 

Remember that we all have to REPENT and ABSTAIN CONTINUALLY from unbelief, fear, and the control of, and submission to Christian as well as pagan witches and other ‘stumbling blocks,’ ancestor and other curses, rituals, vows, and dedications.  Believe and confess continually and thank God that His sincerely believing, obedient children are never alone.  We might feel alone sometimes, but the God Who called us from ‘darkness into His marvelous light,’ has promised, “I will not in any way fail you or give you up nor leave you without support.  I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless, nor forsake, nor let you down, or relax My hold on you.  Assuredly not!” – [Amplified Bible, Heb. 13:5.]  In Jesus Christ, every promise in the contextual truth of His Word is “YEAH AND AMEN!” 

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