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· The REAL, NEW TESTAMENT Circumcision

· God’s Covenant of Faith with the believing Abram came First

· The real sign, which sealed the Abrahamic Covenant of Faith, was not circumcision! 

· This second O.T. covenant, circumcision, pertained to Israelites Only 

· The Calvinist ‘Covenant of Circumcision’ is a pagan rite of passage 




There exists a New Testament circumcision – but it does not pertain to babies, (not even to Hebrew babies,) nor can it be confused with the Biblical water-baptism, which Jesus Himself commanded.  Real, New Testament circumcision is of the blood-cleansed, born again, human spirit or ‘heart’ – and that relates directly to the new birth of Jesus’ personally believing disciples.  Remember that even the Biblical baptism of disciples is merely the sign of salvation, and has no saving, or regenerative power in itself.  Still, a powerful spiritual thing happens during the TRUE, Biblical baptism.  Mystically and completely supernaturally, the Holy Spirit Himself circumcises that believing disciple’s ‘heart,’ or human spirit. 

Paul explained the circumcision of the Scripturally born again ‘heart’ as follows, “In Christ you were circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, by putting off the body of the sins... by the circumcision of Christ, buried with Christ in [the disciple-submersion] baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through [personal] faith in the working of God, Who raised Him from the dead.  And you, being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses…” (Col. 2:11-14.) 

In Scriptural context, we understand this as follows:

Through personal FAITH in the completed atonement of Christ, believing disciples follow the example of Jesus to be “buried in baptism.” 

As baptism is in fact a burial of the old person, who confesses that he died to sin, the Holy Spirit cuts away the ‘sinful body of the flesh’ while the disciple is dunked under water, or symbolically, in the grave with Christ.

This sinful body of sin is the stinking, sinful old nature that possess and rules even religious, but non-born-again people. 

All non-baptized Christians, (speaking of those who reject the Biblical baptism of Jesus’ believing disciples,) although they might have accepted Jesus Christ personally, still drag this “body of the sins of the flesh” around with them, as the Holy Spirit only does the cutting away of the old sin-nature during true Biblical baptism in Christ. 

No wonder the devil hates the REAL Baptism of disciples so much that, through the ages, he persecuted Jesus’ true disciples violently and spiritually through inquisitions, rejection, slander, and his incredibly false doctrines from hell


God’s Covenant of Faith with the Believing Abram Came First

Advocates of the baby sprinkling love to refer to Gen. 17, where God made a covenant with Abram concerning physical circumcision.  They teach this covenant confusingly out of context, alleging that the physical O.T. circumcision has ‘changed’ to ‘spiritual’ circumcision through their false Roman Catholic inherited baptism of ‘regeneration.’ 

Where do they get real Scriptural ‘proof’ for such witchcraft? 

Not in the Old Testament, Abrahamic covenant of circumcision, as they allege!     

The truth is that we find the basis of all God’s covenants with Abraham in Gen. 15, which is in fact the same covenant on which the entire New Testament rests: the covenant of faith in Jesus the Savior. 

Sincere, personal, Biblical (not ceremonial, doctrinal, or religious) faith in God comes first

Personal faith is the first and most important qualification to salvation! 

In Gen. 15:5, God promised to make Abram’s spiritual descendants, (all sincere believers in Christ, bought with the blood of Christ from every tribe, and tongue, and nation,) as many as the stars – and Abram BELIEVED God, (verse 6,) and God accounted [his personal faith] righteousness to him!  Paul confirmed this truth in Gal. 3:7, “Therefore know that only those who are of [personal] faith are sons of Abraham.  And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles [all non-Jews] by FAITH, preached the Gospel to Abraham beforehand, saying, ‘In you all the nations shall be blessed.’  So then, those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham.” 

This proves that faith in Christ is vital so salvation – and saving faith has to be intelligible and personal! 

The main reason why Roman Catholics and Lutheran/Calvinist Protestants pervert God’s New Testament Covenant of personal faith in Christ, is because they substitute real Biblical salvation and repentance with the deception of so-called ‘complete baptismal regeneration’ which is a satanic lie.  One cannot make disciples for Christ by baptizing them either with Jesus’ Biblical baptism or any false baptism such as the sprinkling of babies.  One can ONLY make real disciples in Christ by preaching the REAL, BIBLICAL GOSPEL to them, so that they can make a personal choice to either accept or reject Jesus, (Jn. 1:12-13; Gal. 4:6.)   However, once someone CHOSE to become a sincere disciple of Christ, Scriptural baptism according to Jesus’ own example is NOT a choice but obedience to His COMMANDMENT to be baptized.    

Therefore, these pervertors of God’s commandments and Holy Word do not and in fact, cannot make disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ; they only make disciples for their idolatrous church system.  As their church members are allegedly ‘born again’ through their pagan rite of initiation, (the first door into their system,) they supposedly do not have to believe and accept Jesus personally.  Neither do they have to repent from all their personal MORAL sins, or do restitution for grave transgressions of God’s MORAL LAW.  Their false sprinkling-baptism of eternal forgiveness, salvation, and a whole life without repentance, supposedly do it all for them! 

Sorrowfully, this is the easy, broad road, which leads to eternal damnation.  


The Real Sign, which Sealed the Abrahamic Covenant of Faith, was not circumcision!

Then Abram asked God to validate His promise with a sign, (Gen. 15:8.)

God then commanded the blood sacrifice of a 3-year old heifer, a 3-year old female goat, a 3-year old ram, a turtledove, and a young pigeon.  “Cut them in two down the middle and place each piece opposite the other, but do not cut the birds in two.”

When the blood-sacrifice was ready, a deep sleep fell on Abram and God prophesied to him the future spiritual darkness and suffering of the Hebrew nation for their impending rejection of His New Testament Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Then God Himself moved between the halves of the sacrifices, (the sign or symbol of the Ultimate N.T. Sacrifice, Jesus Christ, Who was to come,) as a burning torch, sealing God’s eternal blood covenant of salvation by FAITH IN CHRIST. 

This sacrifice, (the precursor of the ultimate Sacrifice, the N.T. Lamb of God,) was the symbol of the N.T. Covenant, which God Himself also cut with all the believing descendants of Abraham!  As a result, Jesus gave the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper as a sign or symbol of HIS New Testament Covenant of FAITH, written in, and sealed by His own blood! – 1 Cor. 11:25.


This Second O.T. Covenant, Circumcision, pertained to Israelites Only

In Gen. 17:6, God promised, “ALSO, I give to you and your [Hebrew] descendants the [physical] land… of Canaan as an everlasting possession…”

This is the second covenant God made with Abraham.  A Geographical Covenant, which pertains to the physical land of Israel and to the Hebrew nation in particular!  The sign of this geographical covenant (“all the land of Canaan,”) would be that every HEBREW MALE child has to be circumcised physically - read it all in Gen. 17:8-14. To this day, Jews still circumcise their baby BOYS at 8-days of age to confirm this geographical covenant with God, concerning the physical land of Israel, (Gen. 15:8-10.) 

Later, the Jews made this geographical sign into an idolatrous national idol, which ‘proved’ their Hebrew ancestry and ‘predestined’ position of salvation.  In the covenant and sign of the circumcision, Jews found their twisted justification for rejecting and crucifying Jesus, their promised Messiah. 

Consequently, Paul wrote concerning all New Testament believers, both Jews and Gentiles, “We conclude that we are justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law…  For he is not a [born again] Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh.  But he is a [born again] Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter [of the law…] (Rom. 2:27-29; 3.26.)”   Standing firmly on the original covenant of FAITH in Christ, (Gen. 15:5,) Paul taught “all the [born again] Jews to forsake Moses, [or actually, the law of ritual circumcision,] saying that they ought not to circumcise their children, nor walk according to the [traditional Hebrew] customs,” (Acts 21:21.) 

So, where did Calvin & Co find their false ‘covenant of circumcision,’ which ‘regenerates babies and converts spiritually through the sprinkling-baptism’?  Why, from paganism, of course – just like their mother, that great harlot, the Roman Catholic Church, which took all that is heathen to weave her unbiblical maze of Christian doctrines. 



Because the baby sprinkling is the ‘sign’ of Calvinist circumcision and the first door of initiation into their church system, they certainly misread God’s commandment not to “make their children pass through the fire” of occult initiation.  In stark contrast with O.T. circumcision, (the sign for Hebrews relating to the promised land of Israel,) in ancient Egypt, the rest of Africa, the Americas, Asia and on the Islands of the South West Pacific ocean, traditional circumcision was, and still is performed on babies and teenagers both as a religious blood sacrifice to their gods, and as a rite of passage into their ancestor-worshipping religions. 

Both Judaism and Islam view circumcision as a rite of passage into their religions - where do the Jews get the concept of pagan initiation rites in the Torah – the O.T. law? 

Mainly in the Middle East and in the rest of Africa, female circumcision is also practiced as a rite of passage.  In African and other pagan cultures, the drinking of dangerous, questionable brews called ‘medicine’ or ‘muti’ usually accompanies teenage circumcision and often contributes to death by poisoning.  In Africa especially, witchdoctors or the elders of a community perform circumcisions under filthy conditions – a dangerous practice that often leads to serious infection and death.  In a ceremony that resembles the Christian church rite of passage into adult life, known as ‘confirmation,’ Muslims practice ritual circumcision called ‘Sunnah’ on boys as well as on girls between the ages of 7 to 13.  This passage is so important in Islam, many imams (or Islamic leaders) refuse interaction with uncircumcised Muslims in secular and religious life.  They teach, “The goal of ritual circumcision is to fulfill the act of worship and to be clean for prayer.”   


Contrary to the Truth of the entire New Testament, the Roman Catholic catechism, (which Protestant Reformers and all their church members follow with scary precision,) teaches that “the merits of death are by baptism applied to [the souls of Roman Catholic babies] in such a superabundant manner, as to fully satisfy Divine justice for all demands against humanity, whether for original or actual sin." 

Hence, the Vatican teaches that all non-Catholics, and the babies who die without this rite, cannot go to heaven.  Instead, all so-called ‘unbaptized’ adults and babies, who were not christened and therefore do not belong to the Church of Rome, (or to Lutheran, Calvinist, or other Reformed churches,) thus forfeited ‘salvation,’ and will burn in hell for all eternity! 

In fact, this witchcraft from hell comes directly from the paganism of ancient Greek religion, (or Greek mythology,) as this sprinkling has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, or the true body of Christ, (Mt. 28:19-20.)  

‘The Infernal Region, Sibyl, Chapter 25’ by Virgil, Dryden’s translation, declares, “When Aeneas entered ‘hell’ at a place where the countryside was cleft with deep chasms from where sulphurous flames arise, he came to a black river where a ferryman discriminatingly took only some souls abroad, [babies, soldiers, etc.,] driving the rest away, because, “those who are taken on board the bark are the souls of those who have received due burial rites… Between the infants and the suicides one other class is interposed, that is, those who on earth have been unjustly condemned to die. Hope is held out for these, but no hope is held out for the babes who died without the baptism rite” [Hislop, writer of ‘Two Babylons,’ being himself a Protestant minister and dispenser and adherent of the false Baptism of Regeneration, cannot help but speak the truth concerning this Roman Catholic/Protestant rite from hell.]

Dear Reader, do not be deceived.  The sole intention of the false pagan doctrine of baptismal regeneration is to make disciples for the church of Rome and for her harlot daughter, the false Reformed church system.  Ultimately, all churches lead back to the ‘mother church,’ the whore of Rome.  The way these unbiblical priesthoods scare people into ‘baptizing’ themselves and their babies by threatening them with eternal punishment in the fires of hell, merely testifies to their satanic control.  Remember that Jesus promised, “Suffer not the little children to come unto Me, for to such [innocents] belong the kingdom of heaven, [freely, because they are without the knowledge of sin!]”  

The Pagan Origins of the Sprinkling Baby ‘Baptism’ 

Sprinkling-baptism, the ‘atoning salvation’ and ‘spiritual regeneration’ of the water god, comes directly from the historic pages of Ancient Babylon.  Hislop explained in ‘Two Babylons,’ “This doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration also is essentially Babylonian…  In India the bigoted Hindus, who have never opened their ears to [the Scriptures, are] as familiar with the term and the idea as ourselves. The Brahmins boast that they are "twice-born" men, and that, as such, they are sure of eternal happiness.  The same was the case in [ancient] Babylon, [where] the new birth was conferred by ‘baptism.’ [WATER BAPTISM WITHOUT PERSONAL FAITH IN CHRIST IS A GREAT SIN!]  In the Chaldean mysteries, before any instruction could be received, it was required first, that the person to be initiated submits to ‘baptism…’ In certain sacred rites of the heathen," says Tertullian, especially referring to the worship of Isis and Mithra, "the mode of initiation is by baptism." The term "initiation" clearly shows that it was to the [Babylonian] Mysteries of these divinities he referred…   The worshippers of Odin also had baptismal rites… They… believed that the natural guilt and corruption of their newborn children could be washed away by SPRINKLING them with water…  In Mexico, the same doctrine of baptismal regeneration was found…  All the relations of the child were assembled, and the midwife… [who administered the rite] was summoned… When the sun had risen, [THE ATTENDANCE OF THE SUN GOD,] the midwife took the child and called for a little earthen vessel of water… Then she SPRINKLED water on the head of the infant, saying, 'O my child, take and receive the water of the Lord of the world, which is our life, which is given for the increasing and renewing of our body. It is to wash and to purify. I pray that these heavenly drops may enter into your body and dwell there; [THE WATER GOD ITSELF,] that they may destroy and remove from you all the evil and sin which was given you before the beginning of the world, since we all are under its power... Whencesoever thou comest, thou that art hurtful to this child, leave him and depart from him, for he now liveth anew, and is BORN ANEW; now he is purified and cleansed afresh, and our mother Chalchivitylcue [WATER GODDESS] bringeth him into the world… Grant him, O Lord, thy gifts and inspiration, for thou art the Great God, and with thee is the great goddess.’  In the Roman Catholic ceremony of baptism, the first thing the priest does is to exorcise the devil out of the child to be baptized in these words, "Depart from him, thou unclean spirit, and give place to the Holy Ghost the Comforter." There exists not the slightest hint in the New Testament of any such exorcism accompanying [Biblical] Baptism. It is purely Pagan…  The Mexicans held that doctrine of baptismal regeneration in common with Egyptian and Persian worshippers of the Chaldean Queen of Heaven…  This is a very striking proof, at once of the [BABYLONIAN] unity of the human race, and of the wide-spread diffusion of the system that began at [the Tower of] Babel.” Paul, in Rom. 3:9-26, REFUTED the blasphemous fallacy of either infant or adult baptismal regeneration and wrote, “Both Jews and Gentiles are ALL under sin… But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed… being justified freely through the redemption that is in CHRIST JESUS…!”   


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