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· White racism; non-white racism — is there a difference? 

· Slaves of the world’s economic systems   

·  Generations of Europeans were also steeped in witchcraft 

· Humanity’s condition during different economic rules 


· The witchcraft of overpopulation is murdering our planet — a highly disputed fact in Christianity, Islam, etc.

· The witchcraft of the old European Feudal System 

· The Communist foundation of the Feudal System 

· The Feudal Crown’s Communist Estates and Industries

· Estates were divided into Fiefs, operated by divine duty Feudal Revolution was Communist Revolution 

· What type of economy can be successful? 

White racism;  non-white racism – is there a difference?

[Racism is hatred for any particular ethnic group; placing every individual person under hatred for that group without seeing any good in or through any of them.]  God called us all to speak out and stand against all forms of evil – the evil of spiritual, emotional, and physical murder on all levels of life. "Not to show partiality to the wicked, but to defend the poor and fatherless, and to do justice to all those are afflicted and needy," (Eph. 4:1; Jam. 1:27; Ps. 82:2-4.) Let us then condemn all bad behaviour without condemning any ethnic group. If we desire a change in the hearts of people, we must love them enough to show them that we live a life of integrity; telling them the truth about everything – especially the Truth of God’s Word, which brings eternal life to the world. None of us could choose the ethnic group we were born into; it is a gift from the Most High God. So, let us not justify our own racist motives while exposing the political ideologies and deliberate misconceptions that drive ethnic crimes in this world. God warned that “he who hates is a murderer, and cannot have eternal life abiding in him,” (1 Jn. 3:15.) Hatred in all its various forms is a great danger, which we all have to continually guard against. We are all guilty of hatred in some way or another, and not realizing that hatred is stalking us all to make murderers out of us, places us in a position where we can become just like those we abhor by doing exactly what they do, even if it all began for a very good reason. God SO loved the WHOLE world, that “He gave His only begotten Son so that WHOEVER believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life, (Jn. 3:16.) Thus, Jesus bought All true believers “from every tribe, tongue and nation” with His own blood. Spiritually, in Christ, there “does not exist Jew or Gentile (people from non-Jewish nations,) male or female, slave or free, for [true believers] are ALL ONE [nation] in Him.”

The real God of the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ, is not a ‘white man’s God,’ a ‘non-white man’s God,’ a ‘Jewish God,’ or whatever else people can think up to hurl abuse at the Most Holy God.  So, when whites discriminate against the whites of other nations by oppressing them financially, it is racism based on nationality.  When white Nazi Germans murdered millions of white Jews, it was cultural and ethnic racism.  When European and American colonialists enslaved and murdered non-white people, it was color based racism.  When non-white people murdered (and still murder) whites because they hate whites, it was and still is color based racism.  When Russian, Cuban, Japanese, African, Mexican, Cuban and Chinese dictators murdered millions upon millions of their own people, it was genocide and ethnic cleansing, which remains racism, based on political, racial, cultural, tribal, national and religious discrimination against minority groups. 

Therefore, racism is not just a term that can be used against whites only, blame shifting all the ills of all non-white unto all white people.  For example, if a white Christian cheats a non-white Muslim or visa versa, it is religious and racial discrimination to say that “all white Christians, or non-white Muslims are bad.”  There are many bad people amongst whites, just as there are many bad people amongst non-whites.  The opposite is also true. There are many morally good people among all races. To generalize individual corruption and abuse to include an entire ethnic group is senseless.  It’s all about the individual person; the heart of a particular person.  Of course it is unacceptable that whites made laws against non-white people to discriminate against them based on the color of their skin — and it is just as unacceptable that non-whites made laws such as ‘affirmative action,’ etc., calling non-whites “the preferred population,” to impoverish thousands upon thousands of whites on the basis of the color of their skin.  Racism remains racism by any other name; no matter the motive or human justification, and God forbade all hatred in the Bible.  In studies on www.unbannedbiblepublications.com, I condemned and exposed the incredible masonic witchcraft and unacceptable racism of the apartheid regime, ruled by the freemasonry Afrikaner Broederbond, as well as the indiscriminate brutality against non-white and white South Africans during the paradigm shift towards imperialist communism

Let us condemn all bad behavior without condemning any particular ethnic group. 


Generations of Europeans were also Steeped in Witchcraft 

To avoid ‘having a false scale,’ as I have emphasized over and over again in all my work, that it is important to stress the fact that most European colonialists were, and still are, steeped in brazen witchcraft.  Whites might euphemize their devilish works by hiding behind their ‘charitable’ masonic affiliations, twisted Christian denominations, and  master-slave mentality that they impressed upon the world, but their history of idolatry and the religious abuse of God’s Word remain idolatry and witchcraft just the same. 

Jesus became a mere man to destroy the works of the evil one, but mainly, to set free from Satan’s control all the captives, who would willingly choose to accept Him as their personal Lord, Savior, and Redeemer.  Therefore, to enslave another human either physically, emotionally, or spiritually, is blatant rebellion against God, disobedience to His Word, the sin of witchcraft – and spiritual and emotional, even physical murder, (1 Sam. 15:22-23; 1 Jn. 3:15.) 


Considering the oppression and/or advancement of different types of economic rule globally, one might ask, ‘What type of economic rule truly benefitted humanity during the past two millennia?’ 

Well, here are the bare facts.  You, dear reader, may be the judge.

How Many People Live on Earth?

To understand the extent of humanity’s careless multiplying, one has to keep in mind that in English speaking, ‘short scale’ countries one thousand million = one billion.   In finance, we write one million with six zeros, (1,000,000,) and one billion with nine zeros, (1,000,000,000.)  In other, ‘long scale’ countries and for all other purposes, we write one million with six zeros, 1,000,000 - (that’s a million,) but we write one billion with twelve zeros: 1,000,000,000,000 - (that’s a billion.) 

Now, look at this – (we keep to the short scale calculation.)  

In 1350 A.D., earth’s population was about 300 million

It took another 500 years, in 1804, for earth’s population to reach one billion.  

By 1960, only 156 years later, earth’s population was 3 billion. 

However, by 1999, just 39 years later, earth’s population was at least 6 billion! 

By October 2011, merely 12 years later, earth’s population is at least 7 billion - that is another 7,000,000,000 people in just 12 years, which authorities know of!   However, even more overwhelming is the fact that of the 7 billion people living on earth at this moment, five billion live in war torn, impoverished, starving Asia and Africa! 

In October 2011, communist dictators and their warlords were still starving millions of people in the horn of Africa.  United Nation aid never reaches the dispossessed, starving masses, as corrupt governments simply highjack the truckloads of food and squander the money on more and more weapons.  These atrocities have been going on for seventy years or more, not only in the horn of Africa, but through the entire communist world!  Yet, amazingly, neither these incredible human disasters, nor the dreadful sicknesses that accompany them, make any impact on the explosion of human population numbers on planet earth. World authorities know of at least 400,000 babies that are born each day (in 2012,) while 150,000 people die worldwide every day, but the net increase remains 250,000 people per day. 

That’s an overall increase of at least one million people every 4 days


The Witchcraft of Overpopulation is Murdering our Planet — a ‘highly disputed’ fact   

The indisputable fact, which pertains to our modern world and all its different types of economic structures, is that our planet cannot sustain life at the rate in which humanity pillages God’s vulnerable creation.  Despite the absolute fact that humanity is now adding another one billion people to earth’s population every ten or so years, Muslims, Roman Catholics, Creation Scientists like Kent Hovind, the dictators of third-world countries, etc., all dispute the fact that overpopulation is brutally torturing, and ultimately murdering our planet.  The general arguments in favor of continued overpopulation are:  God commanded humanity to keep on “multiply and fill the earth,” (a pure Roman Catholic doctrine, also taught by many Protestant branches of this ecumenical church,) that it is humanity’s basic “right” and/or “duty” to have as many children as possible, (even with as many “wives”  as possible,) and that birth control is either a great sin against God, an antichrist conspiracy, or merely a “white man” and/or United Nations control.  ‘Learned’ Christian teachers from the Creation Science camp, actually allege that vast areas on earth remain sparsely populated or uninhabited, and Muslim leaders especially, teach that economic growth and food production grows in accordance with earth’s proliferating population. 

If all this were true and really from the God of the Bible, why don’t these Christians teach the commandment, which they abuse to sustain their fallacy, in context with Biblical truth and historical reality, as earth is already filled to the brim in all life-sustaining areas!  More importantly, God commanded humanity to take care of everything He had entrusted to them.  So, to answer the argument of teachers like Kent Hovind: why don’t they move to freezing Antarctica, or cultivate corn in the simmering sand of the Sahara desert?  Not only is humanity’s disobedience to God’s Word leading billions of people to eternal destruction, it is the literal fulfillment of nearly two thousand year old prophecies in of the Book of Revelation.  Jesus’ beloved disciple John already warned in the 1st century A.D., “Every living creature in the sea will die…  All the rivers and springs of water will become blood,” [completely polluted…] Continual worldwide war will ravage each country, and eventually, massive earthquakes and other disasters will destroy the entire earth, (Rev. 16:3-21.) 

The Witchcraft of the Old Feudal System 

To govern and sustain all the people in a country, the rulers of that country have to decide on a certain type of economic system.  In addition, countries never function in isolation, but are always linked to and dictated by the economies of other countries to enable and maintain worldwide trade.  It is the basic hope of a country’s citizens that their government has the sense to manage the country in a way that will take care of the needs of everyone.  Therefore, before responsible voters visit polling stations, they have to understand the political realities of today, as well as the great lessons, which history teaches. 

The Feudal System emerged during the dark ages in certain African, Japanese and especially European kingdoms, where the military might, agriculture, and economy of kingdoms were decentralized, or (in theory, at least,) ‘turned over to the people.’ 

In practice, however, this system functioned with a hereditary class-based ‘elite’ at the top that were enslaving the brainwashed masses, who believed they could all ‘be equal’ by literally working themselves to death on the collective farms and industries of the ruling classes.  From 900 AD onwards, and especially during the 14th to 17th centuries, the harsh realities of the Feudal System turned the life of every European ‘commoner’ and ‘serf’ into spiritual, emotional, and physical darkness and misery. 

Commoners were lower class citizens in medieval Europe.  They were craftsmen such as bakers and blacksmiths, and royal soldiers on horseback called ‘knights,’ with the title of ‘sir,’ which was awarded for brave and loyal service.  Serfs were the unskilled laborers, who worked as so-called ‘free’ slaves on the monarch’s farms - although Europeans never actually called them “slaves.”  Both commoners and serfs were bound for life to the managers, who ruled the monarch’s enormous estates.  These harsh managers were the upper-class nobility, also known as ‘landlords,’ or ‘feudal lords.’  In turn, the nobility were subject to the ‘higher classes,’ the hierarchical royal monarchies.  The core of the Feudal System strongly compares to the worldwide Communist ‘Paradises’ of modern times, where the productive middle class in each country was systematically obliterated until the State eventually owned, (or nationalized) everything, and all the ordinary citizens of these countries become equally poor. 

The Communist Foundation of the Feudal System 

During medieval times, the feudal system became the ultimate ‘divinely royal law of the land.’ The basis of which, (exactly as in communism,) was that the small minority of royalty and their ‘managers,’ the high class nobility, exerted complete governmental and religious control over the great majority of the lower classes.  In fact, just as in communism, where brutal dictators are worshipped as ‘christs’ and gods, the royal elite of the feudal system declared themselves ‘gods,’ who allegedly ruled by ‘divine right.’  Thus, these ‘divine’ kings or queens could replace any governmental law and veto any court decision; appoint anyone to any position, etc.  (The ‘iconic’ Stalin, Mandela, the Asian dictators, and Jacob Zuma who compares himself to Jesus, are classic examples of such ‘communist gods’, who also ascribe ‘divine rule’ to themselves.) 

The ‘divine’ royalty of Old Europe also ruled in conjunction with the so-called ‘divine’ papacy of the Roman Catholic Church, thus ‘divine’ church-state rule was completely inseparable.  For example, in 1381, the archbishop of Canterbury was also Chancellor of England, and so the Roman Catholic Church wielded immense religious, as well as political power over the entire population.  We see this model repeated in high profile communist, African National Congress politicians such as the archbishop Desmond Tutu. Incidentally, Jesus and His disciples refused on numerous occasions to become actively involved in humanism and politics.  Jesus declared explicitly that His is a Spiritual Kingdom, and not of this world, (Jn. 18:36; 6:15; 1 Cor. 13:3.) 


The Crown’s (Communist) Feudal Estates and Industries

Under the feudal system, private property and industry were prohibited.  To make it possible to govern the land and its industries, the king or queen, in combination with the Roman Catholic pope, (the royalty,) divided the country into vast estates, or huge farms.  (This system was similar to the so-called ‘modern’ agrarian settlements or ‘collective farming’ module of communism, where all land and businesses are owned by the State but operated by the workers.) 

In exchange for the collection of crown and church taxes, the military protection of the kingdom, (its lands, palaces, cathedrals, and castles,) and the judicial administration of the country, the king and pope allotted each estate to the management of an overseer or ‘noble’ manager called a baron, supported by a church bishop.  Each baron and his bishop thus became lords) of a manor, (a grand house, or a castle on a vast estate,) with a separate chapel.  The barons and bishops assembled and ruled the commoners and serfs for military duty when necessary, supervised their daily work on the estate and in the castle and chapel, and kept law and order among the masses.  The baron and bishop thus functioned as tax officials, military commanders, and judicial magistrates to govern the king (and pope’s) vast estates, industries, and churches – the ‘royal’ lands, forests, mills, ovens, blacksmith shops, etc.  As everything belonged to the king and pope, the individual castles on the different estates also accommodated and protected the royals (and the papacy) on their travels. 

Estates were Divided into Fiefs, Operated by ‘Divine Duty’ to God and King

To make it easier for the barons and bishops to protect the country and manage the estates, they divided the monarch’s vast estates into smaller plots or fiefs.  Each fief was under the supervision of a lesser landlord, knight, or craftsman, who oversaw other commoners and serfs to work and farm on the fiefs.  The commoners and serfs could eat off the land but had to give most of their income as crown, church, and fief taxes.  Firmly enslaved by the crushing command of the Feudal system, the evil rulers of the Roman Catholic Church strengthened the monarchs’ control over the impoverished commoners and serfs by brainwashing them to make it their ‘divine duty’ to sacrifice their lives and all they had for ‘king, god (or the pope and his church system,) and country.’  Hence, the harder these poor slaves worked, the more they could give to the crown and to ‘god,’ or in fact, the church – they literally ‘gave till it hurt!’  As both the king and the pope were ‘divine,’ commoners and serfs believed that their most diligent service to the king and pope was in fact service to God Himself.  Their selfless loyalty and service to king, ‘god,’ and country, might even have earned them a place in heaven. 


The Feudal Revolution was Communist Revolution

The feudal system was witchcraft designed in hell.  It left generations of the world’s impoverished population without any opportunity to better themselves either socially or financially.  These poor paupers were born as commoners and serfs; they simply belonged to the wrong population group.  (Everyone is familiar with the heinously discriminative laws of the apartheid regime, which displaced and dispossessed non-white South Africans.  However, few people know that the racial, discriminative ‘affirmative action’ and ‘land reform’ laws of South Africa’s  communist regime describe their own people as the “The Preferred Population.”  Hence, they also dispossess and displace thousands upon thousands of white South Africans to a squatter camp existence, and make them flee abroad in search of a livelihood.  As in modern communist countries, fair pay and job opportunities, free enterprise, and education were reserved for the elite of the old feudal system, and remained way beyond the grasp of the impoverished masses.  Ultimately, commoners and serfs had absolutely nothing to show for hundreds of years of loyal national and religious war, (think about the horrendous crusades of the Catholic Church,) and agricultural and industrial slavery. 

Then, during the 18th century, communist instigators began to deceive Europeans to believe that so-called communist ‘democracies,’ (theoretically based on ‘human rights’ and ‘equality for all,’) could replace the enslaving Feudal monarchies and papacies, to bring ‘power and freedom to the people.’  Centuries before, the Feudal monarchies also made this empty promise to the masses, but once again, it seemed they had since forgotten the disastrous consequences of their misplaced trust.  As a result, incredibly violent and cruel revolutions, or civil wars, began to erupt in Europe in 1789.  Feudal slaves began to follow socialism, (communism’s absolute anarchy,) as the ‘long walk to freedom.’  As in all communist actions since then, mass-murder, continual civil war, and chaos typified their rebellious rampages. 


What Type of Economy can be Successful?

To judge the economic systems that governed the world for the last two millennia fairly and soberly, we must look to the truth of the Bible first.  Jesus neither taught oppression by a rich ‘elite,’ slavery, nor a communist ‘share-the-wealth-of-others’ economy.  God commanded in Deut. 24:14-15, “You shall not oppress a hired servant… [God does not even mention the horrendous practice of slavery in this context] Whether he is one of our own brethren OR one of the aliens who are in your land… lest he cries out against you to the Lord and [God judges you.]” 

In the Parable of the Talents, Jesus illustrated that humanity all differ from one another in character, intelligence, gifts, opportunity, and ability, (Mt. 25.)  Nevertheless, Jesus requires personal responsibility and accountability for the talents, gifts, and opportunities, which He had entrusted to each of us.  We should therefore never be “afraid, wicked and lazy servants,” form whom then even the ‘single talent’ will be taken away and given to him who had “five talents and made another five talents.”  Such a “faithful servant, who has been faithful over a few things, God will make ruler over many things.”  This really sounds like libertarian, (truly Godlike democratic) capitalism, based on personal, energetic ingenuity.  It is God’s natural order that, according to personal ability, we cannot all be doctors, lawyers, or executives.  In any case, healthy functioning societies and economies need professional, skilled, lesser skilled and even unskilled workers.  Wherever our energetic ingenuity places us in the mechanism of our country’s economic machine, Jesus expects each of us to do the best to our ability as together, we all form vital but individual parts of the world’s economic and social society, (1 Co. 7:20-24.)  Although most, if not all the corrupted governments of the earth, in some form or another, implemented atrociously cruel slavery practices to enrich themselves, in essence, the capitalist ‘boss’-worker structure has nothing to do with oppression and discrimination.  As history has proved, it might be the only workable order of the financial world.  The problem with all types of economic empowerment arises when the ruling party forms an ‘elite’ society, which accumulates all the job opportunities, based on political and religious convictions, race, and language, excluding the other members of society.  Whether such social and economic witchcraft happens in a capitalist, feudal, or communist system, these sins completely omit the God-given right of individuals to participate in free enterprise, where they can further the financial prosperity of their families, society, and of the country as a whole.