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· Human sacrifice was, and is practised all over the world 

· European human sacrifice 

· Human sacrifice in the Far East and the Communist witchcraft of “Maya”

· Cremation is a pagan fire ritual and not the same as Biblical burial 

· What about Human Sacrifice in the Bible? -  The ‘binding of Isaac’?


Human Sacrifice Was, and Is Practiced All Over the Whole World 

God forbade humanity to “make their children pass through the fire,” (Deut. 18:10-14.) 

This “fire” pertains to human sacrifice – for instance, sacrificing even one’s own children to fertility gods for ‘luck’ in marriage and finance.  However, spiritual and emotional human sacrifice in the form of abuse such as slander, (which is emotional murder,) and pagan or Christian initiations or rites of passage, fall under the same criteria as physical sacrifice.  

On the beautiful, tropic island of Hawaii, (as on all the island-regions,) shamans performed animal and human sacrifice through the ages, and for the same reasons as in all other cultures.  Blood sacrifice is also ingrained in the sun, sky, earth, and ancestor-worshipping cultures of the Americas, (such as the Mayans, Mexicans, Aztecans, and the Incas and Moche of Peru,) who sacrifice virgins, tribal members, as well as their captive enemies at their notorious pyramidal temples.  These temple-sacrifices were mostly performed en-masse.  The Pawnee, the Iroquois, and the Mound Building Indians of America also ritually tortured and slay virgins, young men, and their abducted enemies for ‘The Great Spirit’ of heaven, (the sky or sun god,) for his brother the moon, and for his mother the earth. 

Abortion and Ritual Child Sacrifice

In many modern cultures and religions, the unborn, and children of all ages, (as helpless animals,) remain the most innocent victims of witchcraft.  Besides gullible parents, trapped in cultural witchcraft, who sacrifice their children to gain ‘fertility blessings’ from the ancestors and other gods, witches and their counterparts murder their own (and other) unborn and wellborn children as sacrifices to Satan to gain favors from him.  Most people do not realize that the crime of abortion in itself is child sacrifice to Satan.  Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia reports that in “medieval Europe, [and we can be certain this occurred globally and continues to this day,] an established part of the witches’ Sabbath (or witches’ gathering,) was the sacrifice of babies to Satan, as well as the cannibalism [eating] of aborted fetuses and babies during riotous [sexual and blood] orgies.”

What a gruesome god they serve!  Witches do not only murder, but actually eat innocent little children and unborn babies!  None can stoop so low, except when completely possessed by many strong demons.  Even among Christians there exists a belief that an unborn baby is nothing more than a mindless fetus.  Abortion is therefore not seen as the serious crime of murder - even more horrendously, the murder of the voiceless and the utterly helpless.  The Creator God of the Bible declared in Jer. 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”  Yet, in deliberate disrespect of God’s creation, abortion, or the crime of murdering unborn babies, forms an integral part of Satanism and its many branches, where witches fall pregnant with the aim of sacrificing the baby to the devil. 

All deliberate abortions should be confessed to God as murder and child-sacrifice to Satan, sincerely asking God’s forgiveness, spiritual cleansing through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the healing of the Holy Spirit. 

European Human Sacrifice  

Ancient and even modern European culture was, and still is seated in witchcraft, black magic, and animal and human sacrifice.  Centuries before the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, extremely aggressive Germanic tribes migrated from Northern Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.  Slowly but systematically, they infiltrated Western Europe, where the ancient Illyrian tribes lived in places like the Balkans of Serbia, Yugoslavia and Albania.  They then proceeded to plunder and enslave the inhabitants of Eastern Europe, the ancient Slavic peoples - known today as the inhabitants of Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and the Ukraine.  By about 200 BC, the Germanic tribes had infiltrated all the countries under Celtic and Illyrian control.  (This so-called ‘unification of Old Europe’ was also the aim of Hitler’s Nazi regime prior to, and during World War 2, which the most destructive, utterly totalitarian, communist Soviet  regime perfected unhindered from 1945 until this day.) 

As the Romans and Celts, the Germanic tribes, (led by mighty, ‘god’ warrior kings,) were polytheist, thus worshipping many different gods.  The Slavic tribes too, (as nearly all ancient people on earth,) worshipped the ‘supreme god,’ whom the Slavs knew as the sun god Svorog and his goddess ‘earth mother.’  They also worshipped their deceased ancestors.  These tribes, (just as other pagan tribes worldwide,) practiced animal and human sacrifice, especially in the British Isles and in France, where the Celts reigned savagely over the Welsh, Scots, Irish, Cornish, and Brits.  So too did the bloodthirsty Scandinavian Vikings or Norsemen, who infiltrated most of the countries on the European coast.

The polytheist religions of the all these European tribes, (Romans and Celts as well,) all demanded different kinds of sacrifices to appease their many gods - human sacrifice (or ritual murder) in particular.  For example, these tribes ritually burnt, decapitated, and mutilated their own children and other victims as fertility and protection ‘blessings’ – and many still do.  They ritually hanged animal and human sacrifices from trees for the Gaulic god of vegetation, named Hesus – and many still do.  They drowned captives for the British ‘tribal protector’ Toutatis or ‘Teutates’ – as did the Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Calvinists, who, during the Reformation, sacrificed thousands of  Baptists to Satan by slaying them with the sword and drowning them because they chose to obey the Biblical commandment of Jesus, instead of submitting to the unbiblical church ritual of baby ‘baptism.’ 

Most horrendously, in the ‘Sacred Groves of Britain,’ these European pagans ritually impaled their captives (and even their own people, as in the case of Ivan the Terrible - the bloodthirsty historic tyrant on whom the Dracula-myth was based,) to scare off their advancing enemies and to appease their gods of war.  The sin of homosexuality or sodomy still personifies human sacrifice to Satan by ritual impalement – a most cruel and disturbing anti-god, anti-creational sacrifice, which the evil one still demands on an ongoing basis. 

The same goes for child rape (or any rape for that matter,) child molestation, and any other kind of harm done to the innocent, whether human or animal.  All such anti-God, anti-Moral-Law atrocities originates from the liar and murderer of humanity, and the destroyer of God’s “very good” creation.  Whether the perpetrator realizes it or not, harming others most cruelly either for personal pleasure, dominance, vengeance, spite, or whatever self-elating purpose, is in fact sacrifice to Satan.  Tongue-murder is definitely one of the easiest types of human sacrifice to Satan, which most people commit without ever thinking of what they are actually doing. 

As in all other cultures, superstitious European pagans also blamed national, tribal, and personal need and crises on the reigning monarch, a tribal leader, family, or a particular member of the community.  Whenever calamity strikes, even modern witchcraft culture looks for someone who ‘displeased’ the gods or ‘ancestors’ in some mysterious way.  Hence, many human sacrifices still go to their deaths quite willingly, as they were brainwashed into believing it an honor to be ‘chosen’ as sacrificial victims, which seemingly ‘atone’ for national and personal calamities such as war, famine, drought, poverty, etc.   The insane Roman emperor Nero, (AD 67,) dipped Christians in hot wax, slowly cremating them to burn as living torches in his garden.  This was not mere satanic torture.  These inconceivable acts were continuous, inhumane sacrifices to Satan to ‘buy’ Nero’s continual rule and his own ‘save passage’ to the afterlife.  Additionally, these sacrifices to Satan were to gain his power to obliterate the much-hated God of the Bible; ridiculing Jesus Christ, His resurrection and ascension.  Amongst the many others who professed Christ, Nero also sacrificed Andrew the brother of Peter by crucifying him upside down as “he would not have preached the glory of the cross had he feared to die on it.”

Human Sacrifice in the Far East and the Communist witchcraft of ‘Maya  

The Buddhist-Hindu declaration of Ahimsa, (meaning ‘do no harm’) was, and is generally taught in the Far East and in India – a creed that is also (most scarily!) required from every medical doctor.  Quite paradoxically, however, the same dogma exempts religious blood sacrifice from their commandment to ‘do no harm.’  It is important to remember that in paganism, perfection and completion are allegedly achieved in the ‘balance’ of opposites, like in Chinese yin and yang.  However, Satanism teaches that opposites are ‘reversed:’ good is bad and bad is good; lies are truth and truth are lies; light is darkness and darkness is light, etc.  Blurring the boundaries between opposites and the reversing of opposites, ‘Ahimsa’ followers live by the exact opposite of ‘do no harm,’ which, in practice, translates into ‘do much harm!’ 

The teaching, (as taught by Hindu ‘god-men,’ the ‘Tibetan Masters,’) which connects with the teaching of Ahimsa, is the communist doctrine of ‘Maya.’  Maya means, the spiritual world is reality and everything physical such as pain is merely ‘an illusion.’ Ahimsa, combined with Maya is also taught in Buddhism and Hinduism.  In addition to their adherence to their Ahimsa and Maya doctrines, the Chinese, especially during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, also sacrificed humans to accompany their emperors to the afterlife.  In fact, human sacrifice to river and other deities was an integral part of these religions.  Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia wrote, “Human sacrifice, including cannibalism and vampirism, was doubtlessly practiced in Tibet prior to the arrival of Buddhism in the 7th century…  Lamas, as professing Buddhists… replaced the human victims with [little dolls] made from dough…  Nevertheless, there is  evidence that outside of Lamaism, there were practices of tantric human sacrifice, which survived through the medieval period… [Tantrism is a movement in Hinduism and Buddhism, based on yoga, ritual sexual intercourse, and ritual human and animal sacrifice.] The 15th-century Blue Annals, a seminal document of Tibetan Buddhism, reports that in Tibet the so-called "18 robber-monks" slaughtered men and women for their tantric ceremonies. Such practices of human sacrifice, as there was in medieval Tibet, was [supposedly] replaced by animal sacrifice or the self-infliction of wounds in religious ritual...”

Maya is also the main teaching of both Nazism and communism – which explains a lot about the incredible worldwide suffering during the last century!  In practice, it is believed that Maya manifests itself through the teaching of ‘reincarnation,’ which means that humanity is ‘evolving’ up the spiritual ladder of reincarnation; continually growing towards their goal of becoming gods themselves.  As the spiritual plane is reality and everything in this physical world is a mere ‘illusion,’  no one can really commit murder, torture, starvation, suffering, etc. – and no one can really suffer, starve, etc.!  For this reason, National Socialists and Communist dictators like Hitler and Stalin – as all other communist presidents and so-called ‘human rights’ instigators, activists, and terrorists, (now called ‘freedom fighters,’) do not perceive their atrocities as sin – or even as wrongdoing.  [Worldwide, communist countries have the worst record of human rights abuse in all of history!]  After all, to them, everything on earth is ‘Maya; they are only focusing on the ‘reality’ of the spiritual level!  Thus, they ‘do no harm’ by ‘doing great harm.’ In communist Ahimsa/Maya terms, this translates into, ‘by doing great harm, we are doing great good!’ 

Few people realize this, but apart from the Nazis, communists sacrificed (and are still sacrificing) billions of humans on a completely unprecedented scale to their torturous, bloodthirsty Hindu/Buddhist gods called “Ahimsa” and “Maya.”  [Read the truth about Nazism and Communism; the mass atrocities of the Nazis and the communist dictators of the Americas, Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Russia, etc.]  Although communist  leaders have, (and still are) committing and instigating the most horrendous acts of terrorism on a worldwide scale - as well as committing continual mass starvation, constant revolution, mass dispossession, genocide, etc., they believe they bear absolutely no guilt, as all their mass-scale atrocities too, were (and are) mere ‘illusions.’  However, the pain and suffering, which their millions of victims have and are still experiencing, was definitely not ‘mere imagination.’  The massive self-enrichment, and glamorous and luxurious lifestyles of these monsters – (mostly at the expense of their own starving, dispossessed citizens,) were and are definitely not ‘mere imagination’ either! 

They believe that Maya-suffering ‘purifies’ their victims’ souls, and by murdering them most cruelly, they allegedly ‘help’ their victims to reach the ‘next level’ of their ‘evolutionary’ (or reincarnation) cycle.  They believe, the sooner you die physically, the sooner you are ‘born again into a ‘higher’ state or level in the spiritual world.  Strangely, however, they keep themselves far away from that belief!  Hindu, Buddhist, (and even communist) human sacrifices were, and are amongst the most willing sacrifices Satan ever demanded.  For example, today, India, (once a rich, flourishing country, as were all the other countries which communism took by bloodshed, anarchy, torture, and murder,) is one of the poorest countries on earth, yet billions of her suffering people still submit to the overwhelming witchcraft of Hinduism and its communist teachings of Ahimsa and Maya.  Even when starvation wrenches their stomachs and they slurp filthy water from street gutters, they still honor their gurus and bow down to their gods, while they cling to Satan’s lie that their suffering is only ‘an illusion’ and actually ‘for their own good,’ as it helps them to ‘evolve’ to a higher spiritual plane. 

Human Sacrifice in India  

Among the tribes that functioned during the 300-year British colonialist rule India, the Khonds, especially, were well-known practitioners of human sacrifice.  Although Hindus (and Buddhists) are portrayed as passivist religionists, which ‘would not hurt a fly,’ they still adhere to the sacrificial principles of ‘Ahimsa,’ ‘Maya,’ and ancestor worship.  As a result, blood sacrifices to the gods, ancestor gods, and especially the fertility ‘mother’ goddess continued through the ages in India as well.  Nowadays, it is taught that some sections within Hinduism do not call for literal human sacrifice.  As in Buddhism, Hindus [mostly] resort to symbolic human sacrifice, or ‘bloodless’ sacrifice. (Usually, symbolic human sacrifice calls for a doll made from dough and various other substances, depending on the purpose of the specific ritual.  The doll, a substitute for a human sacrifice, then has to be ritually ‘murdered’ to be eaten ritually in an act, which reenacts cannibalism; burnt in an open fire, etc.)  [Sounds appallingly similar to voodoo rituals.]   Many modern Hindus might resort to ‘bloodless’ sacrifice, but in times of war, feminine, etc., traditional Hinduism still calls for blood sacrifice to ‘appease’ the gods and avert calamity.

An 8th century temple in Kuknurin is infamous for its history of human sacrifice, while Indian Shakti-worshippers continued with human sacrifice well into our modern era - if indeed they ever changed.  Some Hindus still perform the ritual ‘passage of Sati;’ cremating a window with her dead husband to “assure their marital reunion in the afterlife.” Hinduism is also renowned for its blood sacrifice in the form of extremely painful rituals of self-torture and mutilation to induce ‘trances,’ ‘healings,’ ‘prophecy,’ etc.  Besides various other kinds of self-induced afflictions, Hindu prophets and ‘healers’ ritually skewer their cheeks with long pins, cut their tongues repeatedly with razor blades, etc., as blood sacrifices for their gods.  While under the control of strong demons, they then allegedly ‘heal’ their followers by even ‘operating’ on them, using only their bare hands. 

What about Human Sacrifice in the Bible? 

Once, God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his long-awaited son Isaac on a mountain in the land Moriah, but His angel intervened and God provided a ram as substitute for Abraham’s intended human sacrifice, (Gen. 22:1-19.)  This “example” in the Old Testament is a symbol of the New Testament Gospel of God’s Son, the risen Lamb of God, (1 Cor. 10:11.)  It was not that God required Abraham to perform human sacrifice to Him, but to make Abraham’s faith and obedience to God the example of all Jesus’ New Covenant believers, (Gal. 3:10-14.) 

God does not, and will never require human sacrifice for humanity’s lostness, cursedness, bondage, and sin.  No other human save the Man Jesus Christ was holy and sinless enough to become the Ultimate Sacrifice in the place of all humanity, (1 Pt. 1:19; Jn. 3:16.) 

The ram God provided on Mount Moriah was the symbol of the New Testament Lamb, the Son of God, Who became the One and Only Substitute for all human, animal, and other sacrifice. 

Jews and ‘The Binding of Isaac

Jews understand ‘The Binding of Isaac’ or “the Akedah” as blind obedience opposed to moral choice when it comes to matters of faith in, and obedience to God.  Despite all the Old Testament prophesies relating to Who Jesus Is and what He came to do here on earth, they reject(ed) Him as Lord, God, and Savior, (Jn. 1:1-13.)  But they do know God never really wanted human sacrifice on Mount Moriah, and see “the Akedah” as personal sacrifice to God.  It is true that God always requires personal and emotional ‘sacrifice’ to submit to His will in our lives, (Rom. 12:1-2.)  It is as Paul wrote in Gal. 2:20-21, “I have been [spiritually and emotionally] crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself for me.  I do not set aside the grace of God: for if righteousness comes through the [ceremonial, outward, temple] law, then Christ died in vain.”   

Jesus, the Hebrew Teacher, probably had this type of “the Akedah” in mind when He commanded, “Do you think that I came to bring [physical] peace on earth… [no,] but the sword… He who loves father, mother, [son or daughter] more than Me is not worthy of Me… He who does not take up his cross and follow Me, [emotional pain for righteousness sake, and emotional death to sin and wrong priorities,] is not worthy of Me.  He who finds his life [in human acceptance instead of in Me] will lose it.  He who loses his life [because he is rejected and persecuted for My sake,] will find it,” (Mt. 11:34-39.)


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